Myka Baker

Bone Magic Series

Bone Magic

After the orphaned Yen is beaten and left for dead by his peers who believe him to be a dangerous bone mage, he embarks on a journey to deliver a package for his late guardian and uncover the truth about his parents and his own strange powers.

Afraid to get close to anyone because of his rotten magic, Yen nevertheless acquires companions: the awkward but powerful waxen mage Craden, the intimidating but attractive bane mage Teil, and a strangely familiar guardian who is not exactly a cat.

Can Yen keep his new allies alive and learn to accept himself in time to defeat an enemy who has manipulated his fate since childhood? He’ll learn deadly secrets hinge on this fight, as the life of his new friends—and the future of magic itself—hang in the balance.


First in a science fiction/fantasy series, Bone Magic is a story of a young man’s journey to accept his powers, and his reluctant realization that success isn’t possible without the support of friends.

Available 2024.