Myka Baker

Naked in Public Series

Naked in Public

In a captivating mystery filled with twists, humor, romance, and the supernatural, therapist Zini Rainchild is entangled in a web of danger when she begins inexplicably dreaming her client Liz’s dreams. Hopeful she can use her extraordinary “dream echo” ability to help her clients heal, Zini’s world spirals out of control when Liz is kidnapped.

Racing against time to unravel the mystery and save her client, Zini must court police suspicion, risk professional ruin, and ultimately gamble with her own life. Abetted and hindered by her distracted best friend Eva and wry detective Bell Murphy, Zini embarks on a mission that will test her courage and her newly discovered abilities.

Set against a Florida backdrop, “Naked in Public” invites you to dive into a unique mystery where dreams hold the key, and only an unconventional woman has the power to reveal the truth before it’s too late.


Naked in Public is the first in a contemporary mystery series in which a woman must face her fears of her own abilities to rescue a friend from a killer.

Available 2024.