Myka Baker

Playtime Theater Mystery

When Diana “Di” Diebold takes on the impossible task of restoring a long-abandoned theater in the small town of Wehumpka and staging unknown plays, she gets more than she bargained for. The theater’s benefactor is found dead under suspicious circumstances, and Di wonders if her new technical director, the hot and cold running “Loki” Bachstoris, knows more than he’s letting on.

But there are enough suspects for a game of Clue: Ciantha Greene, theater board member who claims she wants the theater to live again; Ambrose Dexter, over the hill actor who acts like he’s Di’s best friend; four nervous, dramatic, and temperamental directors; and a green room full of trash-talking actors and backstage crew, pulling Di in every direction as she struggles to get the theater running and the plays staged.

The show goes on as the police investigate one suspect after another, but a series of strange accidents in the theater make Di suspect that the murderer might have a final curtain planned for the theater—and for Di.

Available 2024.