Thought Police

Thought Police

This is from my Mood Story Journal, where I use my current issue as a prompt to write fiction.

I discover that my mind is being controlled by a secret app.
I discover I’m being controlled by an app.

“Discovered O-800: resentment, target: boyfriend. Punishment: level 2 muscle pressure, duration 2 hours, uninformed. Results anticipated: acceptance of behavior, leading to apathy.”

I’d only recently discovered the conspiracy to make me into a quiescent drone susceptible to all kinds of suggestion. 

At first, I thought it was my boyfriend’s doing, but then I found the app that ran on his device, urging him into the same kind of acceptance of negative emotions. 

We were both being controlled and manipulated using muscle aches, tension, cramps, headaches, stomach upset and itchiness, along with brain fog and fatigue. 

For the last year, I thought I had an autoimmune disease, maybe long COVID, or that I was depressed or insane. 

But a week ago while flipping through my device to cancel unused apps, I saw this utility called ‘mood ring.’ At first, I thought it was a cute toy, but when I opened it, I discovered a yearlong record of my negative moods, followed by the app’s planned response. It was also sending data somewhere, my reactions to the stimulus. That wasn’t recorded. 

I’d been following the app for a week, and every time it said it would punish me, I got muscle aches, gas pains, headaches, or anxiety. 

I wanted to delete the app, but what if they just snuck it back on, invisibly this time? At least now, I knew what was being done to me and why. And what if the app wasn’t the tool, but just the record? I wanted to discard all technology and run, but I didn’t have anywhere to go. 

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