Myka Baker

Clone 5 Series

Clone 5


In a future where human cloning is commonplace, seventeen-year-old and secret clone Kase struggles to survive under the harsh tutelage of brilliant but troubled clone surgeon Bryce Balentour. After Bryce makes a terrible mistake while removing one of Kase’s organs, Kase discovers a horrifying secret about the other clones.

In this exciting story placed hundreds of years in the future, Kase must unravel the mystery of the clones to save them from a slow and painful death. Pursued by the authorities, Kase and his new family embark on a thrilling galactic getaway. Survival will take all their combined genius.

Can the Balentour fugitives expose the truth and escape capture? Or will powerful enemies extinguish the fragile sparks of hope, and leave the clones in a waking nightmare?


Clone 5 is the first in a speculative science fiction series.

Available 2024.