Myka Baker


  • Ageist


    Frannie crouches behind the gray La-Z-Bed, irritated by the cramp in her calf.

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  • Thought Police

    I wanted to delete the app, but what if they just snuck it back on, invisibly this time?

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  • Chibi Ap Jones

    The Gods Must Be Crazy

    Are you sure this is a good idea, Zero? Zeus is the god of lightning, and Ares is no slouch with a thunderbolt.

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  • Stealth Chicken

    The website is ready! Now I need to publish the books.

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  • Trapped by My Love (in the Cage of Her Heart)

    I’m trapped by my love in the cage of her heart/ Feels like I’m playing a Schrödinger’s part/

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  • Nuclear Summer

    Three days of thunderstorms, rainbows, ospreys carrying fish to their young, alligators lounging on logs in the Ocklawaha, hibiscus flowers blooming and dying overnight, the smell of four o’clocks, the hum of bees, the smell of ozone after lightning.

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  • It Was the Momovirus!

    They said I had a cold/ They said I had pneumonia/ They said I got a hold/ Of a piece of bad bologna.

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  • Viewpoint (Narrative Voice)

    A writer should change point of view deliberately and for a purpose.

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  • St. Nichole and the Elf

    An Urban Christmas Fantasy written as a holiday gift to my friends and family.

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