Myka Baker

Aphrodite – Goddess, Retired

Ap Jones, known to her worshippers as Aphrodite, Astarte, Iannu, and Venus, has retired. In other words, Zeus has stripped her of her god-like powers and allowed her to spend her immortality living among humans. And Ap is loving it. She’s become a physicist and works at a particle collider in the reserved district of flooded Florida.

Unfortunately, bad boyfriends turn up like last week’s forgotten dinner. Ares, god of war and poor choices, angles to have the former goddess of love completely stripped of her godhood.

Soon, Ap has forgotten everything, even what happened to the zero point field when it got shaken up by the latest big launch at the Cape.

If that wasn’t enough, an annoying new man has appeared at work, calling himself Zero Ross. He’s from Ømérø, where they don’t speak English, drive, or use money. He’s silly, sarcastic, he might just have murdered her coworker, and he’s sleeping on her couch.

When Ares and Zeus, in a fit of nostalgia, decide to destroy civilization to get things back to the way they used be, Ap’s going to need all of her sexy girl powers to stop them.

Will Zero help, or is he just another bad boy with a thing for his mother?


Aphrodite – Goddess, Retired is a standalone science fiction novella with a snarky sense of humor.

Available 2024