Myka Baker

Blue Loco

Sylvan agent Senya has been cleared for her first solo mission: go undercover as a psychologist on Exile 14, home to political exiles, and find out if an infamous traitor escaped the remote prison planet. To reach the surface, Senya boards the antiquated Blue Loco spaceship, helmed by pilot and prisoner Des Karn, who insists that no one escapes alive − those who vanish are lost in the planet’s strange time bubbles.

Senya is awed by Exile 14’s beauty but senses sinister secrets beneath the surface. With little information from her superiors and time running out to prove herself, she must navigate the exile community to learn the truth about the time bubbles and the traitor’s fate.

But the powerful forces of Stabilization want the past to remain buried. Senya’s search for answers may doom her and all the exiles on this planet paradise-turned-prison. To escape Exile 14’s web of lies, she must unravel the time bubbles mystery − and hope she doesn’t become their next victim.


Blue Loco is a standalone science fiction novel set a thousand years in humanity’s future.

Available 2024.